Doctor Thoma


With the thermal processing of food (cooking), whether it’s in water or on steam, in both cases we destroy the most important thing, the enzymes.

Vegetables which are cooked in water lose the most enzymes. Famous researchers have proven that when a cabbage is boiled, it loses 40 percent from its original nutritional value. Besides enzymes, vitamins also get destroyed. All the minerals get lost in the water or the steam in which they cook in, eventually leaving the vegetable with almost nothing.

By thermal processing (cooking), the proteins also lose two thirds of their nutritional value; some of it is due to clotting and some of it due to their destruction. This way the proteins create more and more waste materials and acids during the metabolism process.

With thermal processing a lot of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, silicon, iodine and others are being lost too. The consequences of the lack of enzymes are that, three quarters and more of those minerals can’t be used by the cells of our body, with it making the minerals to become waste materials in our food. With such great loses most people are malnourished even though their stomach is full. Since they are still physiologically hungry for certain nutrients, although physically satiated, they will still continue to consume more food until they don’t get the proper nutrients.