Doctor Thoma


Walking is more useful than any other physical activity. With walking fats are gradually burned. Unlike in very demanding sports where without adequate diet, the organism is more prone to hunger and tiredness, than burning fats.

When we walk the blood secretes hormones that give a sense of satiety. Besides, when we break down fats, additional energy is being released, meaning we need less food then, especially the one which is full of sugars, which are turned into fats the most.

When the burden from overweight is constantly reduced with activities such as walking, we bring the organism into a state of burning fat, and our body gradually but with certainty, loses its excessive fats.

People who have overweight often hurt their knees or other parts of their bodies when they start practicing tennis or running, because of the extra weight which affects those parts the most.

When we speak of physical activities, before all of the other questions first we must ask ourselves this: “When is the best time to do physical activities”? The prevailing notion is that physical activities, i.e. walking is best done in the morning on an empty stomach, because that way the body directly burns fats from the reserves rather than from the breakfast you just ate.