Doctor Thoma


Regular physical activities have tremendous importance in sustaining a person’s health. This is especially important for prevention or reduction of certain health problems like overweight, for example, which can be connected to heart attacks, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, cancer and many others.

This is why we should do activities which will be provide activation of all parts of the body, with it including more muscles as possible, which will burn more calories and with it you will lose weight easier. You can have a flat stomach only if you do regular physical activities.

What does it mean to be regularly physically active? It is nothing more than an everyday physical activity, which should last at least an hour, and its intensity should enough to make you sweat pretty well. 

Last but not least it is very meaningful to eat natural food, you shouldn’t add oil, sugar, butter or spices, you should try to eat it raw as it is found in nature.