Doctor Thoma


It is very important to nurture our hair, in order not to lose it and damage it. But for us to be able to do so we have to use the proper means for its preservation. Hair shampoo shouldn’t wash off all the fat from the head skin, because that way the skin doesn’t get irritated and the follicle is clean.

This time we will tell you for an ancient traditional natural remedy for washing the hair and skin, which was used for centuries in the region of North Africa and in the Royal families of Arabia. It is a type of clay that is mostly found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco known under the name of Ghassoul or Rassoul. The name Ghassoul comes from the Arabic word ghassala which means washing. 

This clay is mostly consisted of ions of silicon and magnesium as well as iron, aluminium and calcium oxides. When in contact with water it desolves and creates a gelatinous mass. Its tiny particles have massive absorption power and the ability soak up various dirts and too much hair fat as if it were some spunge. 

With the help of this gentle and mild head washing system, the hair never totally loses its fat, unlike with the todays aggresive shampoos. Washed with this remedy the hair is soft, shiny, has volume, it is easily adaptable and can be washed fewer times for a larger period of time. Plus the hair looks just like when we put some hair product for making a certain hairstyle and it can be shaped like we want to. We can also use when we are taking a shower because it makes the skin softer.

A very important thing we should also mention is that from Ghassoul various shower gels and soaps, creams, lotions, acne removal masks, lotions for sensitive  skin, etc. This remedy can be found on many portals on the Internet, through which those of you who are interested can also buy it.

Here are some tips from us about how you can use it.

Take some Ghassoul and mix it with some warm water until it doesn’t get like a smooth paste. If you wish to use it for body care then you should put the paste in round motions to cleanse the skin. The mix can be also used for scrubbing to make the skin softer and satin like. When you want to use it for your hair just put the paste on all of your hair, and it’s preferable for the hair to be wet. Smoothly massage your head with and then let it stay for fifteen minutes. After wash it off with brushing. This way your hair will be silky and shiny. To give the hair liveliness and volume you can put a mask made from Ghassoul, orange flower water and  argan oil, this is especially recommended if you have dry skin. Mix the Ghassoul with rose water or orange blossom rather than just warm water. This mixture will make your skin softer and leave your hair with a pleasant scent. If your skin is exceptionally dry, add in the mixture some olive or almond oil.