Doctor Thoma

Doctor Thoma


If we start with Hippocrates’s saying: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, we can agree and confirm that food can be a medicine. If we are talking about raw food, such as nature gave us, then the probability the food to be a medicine is truly great.

Numerous researches are saying that with raw food and starvation (only one or two types of food you can eat), many illnesses can be cured, and while you do that there is thorough cleansing and resting of the organism, and the consuming of meat and salt should also be left out.

Nutrition with raw food also cures the little health problems, such as headaches, exhaustion, various skin rashes, and bad mouth breathe and others. Furthermore, addiction from coffee and other beverages or smoking can also be resolved with starvation. Besides, nutrition with raw food can serve as a compensation for a lack of sleep, which is especially trendy these last years.

With proper and healthy nutrition many other illnesses can be cured such as gallstones, arthritis, inflammation of the appendix and others. Prevention through eating raw food is far better than curing.

With healthy food and consuming of raw food, you can easily create a habit for healthy lifestyle, using the natural resources such as the sun, the water, and also physical activities and moderation in consuming all types food including raw food.

Within the frames of proper and healthy nutrition, you should left out the consumption of white bread, products from white flour, meat, salt, cooked foods, pasteurized or boiled milk, greasy foods and various cookies and chocolates where white sugar is used.