Doctor Thoma

Doctor Thoma


If you want to feel and be healthier we recommend that you switch your morning coffee with drinking lukewarm water with some lemon juice in it. The lukewarm water helps your body in releasing the metabolic waste, taking out the toxins much easily, and improves the digestion of food and with it improving your immune system. It’s even better to leave the water in a glass bottle which you’ve filled the previous night and left it open, that way the chlorine can evaporate and the water can get a room temperature.

Drinking lukewarm water has tremendous advantages. While the cold water hardens the fats and impedes their digestion and decomposition, the lukewarm water relieves all of this and enables the digestive system to work properly. At the same time the lukewarm water, improves circulation of the blood flow and has a positive influence on removing pains from muscles, stomach, headaches and other. Moreover, with your intake of lukewarm water, especially in the morning, you increase the metabolism allowing more calories to be burned throughout the day. This way you lose weight which is especially important if you are on a certain diet.

Water, especially lukewarm water and the increased intake of fibers in the organism, has a positive effect on the emptying of intestines. When there is a lack of liquids in the organism, wasteful maters cannot be released effectively, which constantly leads to constipation. On the other hand an increased release of toxins from the body due to drinking lukewarm water stops-delays the aging process, and sort of rejuvenates the organism. Besides when you drink water sufficiently (8-10 cups a day), you can cure a number of illnesses such as high blood pressure, gastritis, diabetes, constipation, arthritis and others.

Water is the true source of life and a basic element of each function in the organism. Without sufficient hydration it is impossible to have a healthy circulation, healthy kidneys and a healthy muscle, also the elimination of harmful substance from the body is very difficult. Drinking water in total is great for your health, it is not a coincidence that when someone is unwell the first thing you do is give them a glass of water to drink.

Drinking lukewarm water with lemon juice, right after you wake up, is one of the most important health habits. Scientists have confirmed the efficiency of this practice. As a proof that water has immense positive influence there is Japanese water therapy which gives excellent results as a natural means of treating meningitis, diabetes, gastritis, headaches asthma, bronchitis and many other diseases.

Water is the force that guides all of nature.

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