Doctor Thoma

How to Train and Maintain Your Immune System

Everyone should maintain their immunity, regardless of their age.

Immunity is the body's ability to defend itself against various infections and diseases, protecting the body from pathogenic harmful molecules, toxins, cancer cells, viruses and other potential diseases.

Immunity needs to be maintained constantly and this can be done through:

- A healthy diet - fruits, vegetables, pasta, whole grains, nuts and seeds, cold-pressed vegetable oils, fermented products, etc. It is very important that If possible it is better to find them as organic.

- Physical activity, whether it is exercise, walking or cycling. Walking is very important for human immunity and health. The human body is different from machines, the more we use it, the stronger and more efficient it becomes. God designed this living machine to work every day, and in that activity is its maintenance. In order for exercise to have the power of maintenance, it must be done on a daily basis.

- Fresh air and sun exposure are invaluable. Getting fresh air also means enriching the blood with oxygen, better circulation and better metabolism.
Also, the sunlight is very important for immunity. It helps our body to produce Vitamin D and also bacteria and viruses are destroyed with the help of the sun.

- Healthy spirituality. Stress is responsible for 90% of diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, viral diseases and others. When an individual is under stress, the release of the stress hormone (cortisol) turns off the immune system to store the body's energy to escape from the observed stressor. Stress hormones are so effective at compromising the immune system, that medical therapists provide stress hormones for recipients with organ transplants, to prevent their immune system from removing the implant. The fear of viruses that is more deadly than the virus itself, should also be mentioned here.

Nutrition, physical activity, fresh air and healthy spirituality are crucial to a person's health, happiness and immunity, especially for an elderly person.

If we try to stay healthy with good nutrition, regular physical activity, avoid stress and fear of the virus, even if we become infected with the virus, we are likely to end up with fewer consequences and / or mild fever.

Your consciousness and your thoughts are creating your life experience. Be aware of your health. I wish you health, happiness and harmony.

With love,
Dr. Sci. Apostol Thoma