Doctor Thoma

Doctor Thoma


The manner in which food is chewed and processed by the spit, influences significantly on the digestive process and the passing through of fibers and other indigestible materials from the small bowel into the colon. The more the food is chewed the work on the digestive glands and liver becomes easier. Because of this it is very essential to eat food slowly, to chew it properly and turn the food into a more liquid state. This is especially important for persons who wish to reduce their body weight. In order to chew food properly, you should chew each bite over 40 times or approximately 50-60 seconds.

For the food consuming process to be normal, one average meal should take 30-45 minutes. This way the eating process is slower which will enable good chewing of the food. Well chewed food has a large surface in comparison to the amount. While on the other hand, not enough chewed food has a far smaller surface in comparison with the amount, meaning it is necessary to eat more food before there is a sense of stomach fullness.

As we have mentioned earlier, each bite should be chewed at least half a minute and even more. In order to enable yourselves to chew food like this, you need to create a certain habit that can be done through practicing and proper exercises. It should be mentioned that during the meal, you shouldn’t listen to the radio or other TV programs and dedicate your complete and utter attention to the food consuming process, to its proper chewing, so that you can sense the food’s flavor and don’t overeat.

Overeating is also significantly influenced by the inadequate relation of taking raw (live) food versus taking cooked (dead) food. This ratio should be 70-80% raw food and 20-30% cooked food. Otherwise, if you consume more cooked food which is poor in vitamins, minerals and has no enzymes whatsoever, the organism will require consuming of larger quantities of food in order to provide itself with the necessary ingredients. This way more calories are being put in the organism, which can affect in increase of weight.