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Nutrition and Health

Nutrition is the basic requirement for human life, health and prospers. In all the stages of a humans’ development, the appropriate nutrition and selection of life supplies is Sine Qua Non i.e. conditions without which, one can’t imagine balancing life and health, physical and mental development, achieving the conditions for every organ and the entire body to work at their best. (140/7)

Proper nutrition strengthens the immune system, reduces the illnesses and preserves good health. Lately, quite reasonably, considerate attention is dedicated to the promotion of nutrition and groceries which through their quality and nutritional values can reduce the risk of multiple diseases and preserve health. Here it is particularly high lightened the nutrition rich with nutritional values, the consumption of  large amount of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nut fruits and seeds, cold pressed oils, fish and other. Proper and healthy nutrition which despite the sufficient balanced intake of essential macro and micro nutrients offers a number of phytochemicals for which the scientific research and practice have proven that they affect good on the health, in accordance with the famous Hippocrates saying (a Greek physician, 460-377 BC) : “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

What is food? It is each substance or product, which is processed, partially processed or unprocessed, that is intended for consumption or it is expected that people will consume it. The term food includes beverages, chewing gums or any matter, including also water which is intentionally embedded into food during its production, preparation or processing. While the term water includes: drinking water, water embedded into food and bottled water including mineral and sparkling.  

The term food does not involve: animal food, live animals (unless they are prepared for to be put into the market as food), plants before the crop, harvesting or gathering fruits, medication and medical products defined with proper prescriptions, cosmetics defined with proper prescriptions, narcotics and psychotropic substances, residues and contaminants. 

Proper nutrition implies: maintaining balance between the actual energy consumption and the energy imported with food, balance of the macro nutrients i.e. determining the proper relation between the carbohydrates, the fats and the proteins, balancing of the minerals, the intake of inorganic substances as much as the body needs, balance of vitamins and insurance of a satisfying intake of essential substances, balance of liquids and satisfying the body with enough water. (140/8-9)

According to the estimates of the WHO (World Health Organization) hundreds of millions of people on Earth suffer from illnesses caused from consuming too large amounts of food, unbalanced nutrition or health and unsafe food and water. 

Our ancestors fed mainly with plant food and some food from animal origin which was freshly ready for consuming. Unlike that time today we consume processed food more and more. In conditions of the overly expressed competition on the market, the companies that produce food make great efforts their products to look more beautiful, to have a better smell and taste, in order to attract customers. Under these circumstances most often during the processing time, some nutrients present in the original, natural food get chemically altered or removed and various food additives are added which become an integral part of the produced food. 

The effects of nutrition over the health can be seen throughout the entire lifetime. Numerous researches point out the connection of the emergence of number of illnesses (heart and blood vessels disease, diabetes disease, cancerous diseases and other chronic diseases) and what we eat and drink. In the discussions about nutrition and prevention of chronic illnesses WHO gives warning to countries in development from the dangers of following the nutrition regime in the industrially developed countries. In comparison of the nutrition which encouraged the human evolvement, todays’ abundant nutrition has double the fats, a considerate larger amount of saturated and unsaturated acids, a third of the recommended daily quantities of dietary fibers, considerably more sugars and salts and less carbohydrates and micronutrients. It is regarded that this type of nutrition induces the chronic illnesses which already have an epidemic character as obesity, cancer and heart disease. 

From what was said earlier we could conclude that in today’s modern age, which is complicated and risk full, the problems with food and nutrition get edgier. They obviously need to be a subject of greater concern, by society, than until now. While the objective analysis has shown we can contribute to provide our own health and the health of the future generations only through behavioral changes. Health is the greatest individual and social treasure-the fundament of progress and mankind’s prosperity.       

Contributing in that direction will be this web site ( whose principle will be NUTRITION AND HEALTH, (or NUTRITION vice versa HEALTH) which will teach us how in a simple and understandable way, to improve our nutrition and with it protect ourselves from the diseases of modern age and even how through nutrition we can contribute for curing of illnesses.

The readers hunger for information about nutrition has never stopped and on the contrary it is more significant than ever. Almost any popular magazine gives information about human nutrition, newspapers regularly publish articles about it and the TV houses and the radios continuously debate of nutrition and health. (119/7)

Having in mind the avalanche of information, are you certain that you know what you need to do, in order to improve your health? Should you buy food that has label as organic so you avoid the pesticides? Are the chemicals, which contaminate the environment, the main reason for cancer? Or perhaps your health is predetermined in advance, from the genes you inherited when you were born? Do carbohydrates cause obesity? Should you be worried about the total amount of fat you eat, or just for the saturated fats and trans forms of fatty acids? Which vitamins should you take or should you at all? Do you buy food that is enriched with extra fibers? Should you eat fish and if you should, how often should you? Does the use of soybeans prevent heart illnesses? 

 We suppose that you aren’t quite certain in view of the answers of these questions. If that is the case, then you are not alone. Despite there are numerous amounts of opinions and information, only a small number of people know what truly should be done in order to preserve health. This isn’t because researches have not been done. On the contrary we know many exceptional scientific and expertise information about the connection between nutrition and health. However, the true science is overwhelmed with a pile of irrelevant or even harmful information with poor science, trendsetting diets and propaganda by others and perhaps interested subject who are involved in food or nutrition. 

Through this new web site we shall contribute to changing of the inconvenient predicaments in this field, we will make a new frame for understanding the links in the relationship of nutrition and health, elimination of the dilemmas and confusions and interception and curing of illnesses which hopefully will enable you to live a fulfilling life or as Dr. Maoshing Ni says: “May you live long, live strong, and live happy!