Doctor Thoma

About Doctor Thoma


First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Apostol Thoma, PhD. I have a PhD in the field of nutrition for more than twenty years, and since the beginning of 2001 I am also a registered independent researcher in the sphere of nutrition. In the beginning I was more focused on nutrition from the aspects of food’s quality and nutritional value (energy, carbs, proteins, fats, macro and micro elements, vitamins, etc.) as well as combining meals for various categories of humans. However, the results of my personal experiences and contacts with people over the last few years have made me dedicate my full attention to the link between nutrition and health. I made this decision because, from my personal experience, from the researches that I’ve done, from the books that I’ve consulted and from the experiences of famous world scientists and researchers we can conclude that a person’s health, is narrowly connected with our diet and the food we consume.
If we subtract the accidents and some contagious illnesses, over 90 percent of all diseases that a person can have are somehow related to the food that people consume or with the diet. During my perennial researches I have become aware that the body and the spirit are like a unique structure. If we view things from that point, we can see that most of the illnesses have a psychosomatic base. This is why it is very important to dedicate attention to the psychic condition of a person.
In all my existing research and findings that I’ve done, I have found out that if we wish to preserve our greatest treasure – our health, or simply to cure ourselves from some illness, including even the degenerative ones (cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and others) we must adapt the nutrition to the needs of our bodies, clear our minds from a psychic point of view and increase physical activity.
I am more than willing to answer to all the questions to the interested readers and fans of my web page. Gladly, I will share my knowledge and findings and accept useful suggestions. All of this is done, so that we can together improve the nutrition of people, their way of life and with it to contribute to the preservation of a person’s health and its permanent improvement. To achieve that goal, we have great opportunities, so let’s start using them.
My mission is to educate and give people advice on healthy and contemporary nutrition, with the primary aim to help them maintain a healthy, strong and happy life.
With utmost regards,
Dr. Apostol Thoma